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Why Is Sedona Considered Spiritual?

Posted By: BonnieSedan PamRavenwood In: Sedona Arizona
Date: Mon, Nov 27th 2017 12:28 pm

Sedona is a holistic health mecca, sometimes referred to as a New Age capital. Sedona is a place for rejuvenation, amazing trails, and its beauty just speaks spiritual in all languages. This might be why it is referred to as simply… “spiritual.”

As the author who wrote about Sedona for the Guardian Magazine stated, “Locals call Sedona, Arizona a cathedral without walls.”

Historic churches, holy sites, ancient pilgrimages won’t be found in Sedona. For this reason, the mystery of it being ‘spiritual’ location escapes many. When you arrive in Sedona, after at least an hour’s drive (more like 2) from the airport in Phoenix, you might think you’ve been delivered to the land of large red rocks and nothing much else.

Then you begin to wonder around, gazing up at the red rocks, framed by the million dollar homes. You take a hike, visit a spa (and maybe a psychic), have your energy aligned, seek out a vortex or two - and wham, the spiritual bug hits you.

You may come to Sedona seeking a place to just get away from it all. However, we can almost guarantee you will leave with a crystal or two, a psychic reading, and maybe an aura photograph. You can’t help but question the mysteries of the universe when surrounded by such beautiful and unique landscape as Sedona. As every other store sells a healing modality, you won’t be able to resist the fact that maybe you aren’t quite in-tune with everything, and maybe you could use some spiritual assistance.

Sedona is spiritual for many reasons. It attracts healers of all background and levels. Some have more cosmic reasons for Sedona’s spiritual pull, others simply refer to the vortexes and ley lines that the town is positioned on. Others appreciate the very diverse backgrounds of every resident and know few are here because their family started in this town. And no, most people are hardly related, so if you want a new family of interesting and fabulous histories – Sedona is the place. Discovering a small town without generations of families is a miracle within itself.

Sedona's spiritual side

Why is Sedona considered spiritual? You will have to visit to discover for yourself and determine what your own experience is. Trust us – you won’t regret it.

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