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Which Part of Sedona to Live In?

Posted By: BonnieSedan PamRavenwood In: Sedona AZ Real Estate For Sale
Date: Tue, Oct 17th 2017 4:56 pm

Which part of Sedona to live in, is a common question people ask as they begin their research on moving to Sedona. Those looking to buy a home find out very quickly that the town is divided by Oak Creek and red rocks, taking a T-shape. We can see from Sedona Trolley’s map that the black line indicates the main throughways through Sedona, while the blue line is beautiful Oak Creek.

Map of Sedona Arizona

West Sedona

This part of Sedona is located along 89A and one can enter town from Cottonwood. West Sedona is where the major grocery stores are located, the high school, and a majority of Sedona’s amenities such as: the City Government buildings, library, police department, and a great number of shops.

Living in West Sedona is convenient for those who want to hit the trails on this end of town, who want to easily access Oak Creek Canyon or do anything uptown. We say this as those who live on the south side of Sedona, better known as the Village of Oak Creek, often encounter a line of traffic streaming in from I17 into Sedona.

Village of Oak Creek Sedona

The benefits of living on the south end of Sedona proper or really, outside of the City of Sedona limits - in the Village of Oak Creek are: lower taxes, access to all the primary golf courses and the interstate. Many people love living in the Village of Oak Creek as it has its own grocery store and shopping as well as an elementary school. The Village of Oak Creek, home of Bell Rock, has its own feel and vibe. Homes in the Village will vary in size and some come with much more land for horses, including properties along Jacks Canyon Road.

Again, you can buy homes on the Sedona Golf Course or the Village of Oak Creek Golf Course – which is a popular set of locations. You can also access the creek from Verde Valley School Road.

Uptown Sedona

Lastly, you have central Sedona, the place where the T-shape (on the map) joins. Old-timers called this joining the ‘y’, but now it is known as ‘round-abouts’. When you encounter the ‘T’ you can go to the west to visit West Sedona, or to the East to visit uptown -making your way up Oak Creek Canyon toward Flagstaff.

Uptown Sedona is beautiful and enjoyable all for its own reasons. Many homes in uptown are walking distance to Sedona’s Main Street. Walking to Tlaquepaque shopping, Oak Creek, and a number of trailheads are also available. There are a number of homes to the west of Main Street and more homes all around the ‘T’ shape, tucked back into the hills and valleys. These quieter, set-back homes have also become popular for those who wish to be close to town, but away from tourism.

 When buying a home in Sedona, know that each part of Sedona is beautiful and unique in its own way and no one area is better than another. Each area will have gated communities, million dollar homes all mixed in with residential housing, views and vistas. Sedona’s rolling hills and beautiful red rocks give nearly every home a beautiful setting.