What County is Sedona In?

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Should you live in Sedona or be moving to Sedona, you might, at some point notice that Sedona sits in two counties – Yavapai and Coconino. Yes, it’s odd and depending on your address, you fall in either one or the other.

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According to Wikipedia, At the 2000 census there were 7,229 people living in the Yavapai County (western) portion of the city (70.9% of its population) and 2,963 living in the Coconino County (eastern) portion (29.1%). By land area Yavapai had 66.2% of its area, versus 33.8% for Coconino.

You can examine the map and zoom in on it to determine which county your property rest within, but overall - uptown Sedona and the Chapel Area are all in Coconino County while West Sedona is in Yavapai County. Yet, the Village of Oak Creek, an unincorporated part of the area which is often called Sedona is also in Yavapai County.  As you can see, only a small portion of Sedona is within Coconino County, which largely consists of Flagstaff and surrounding towns.

You can also visit the City of Sedona’s website to view each county’s website and the information you should know, accordingly.

Another way to view which county your home or potential new home is in, is to use county GIS systems. For instance, Yavapai County has this great page on its website which you can zoom in and out of, type in your parcel number, and/or see by its lines whether you fall within Coconino or Yavapai County. With this map you will get the big picture of all the land covered under Yavapai County, which extends toward Cottonwood and Prescott. If you zoom in toward Sedona and look at the lines, you can see how the town is split. Within this view you can also click on the tabs to the left to choose from Disclaimer, Map Layers and Search.


Use the Search function to look up all sorts of information such as Parcel Number, Address, Owner Name, Parcel History and Subdivision Name. The amount of information that is open to the public is pretty remarkable.

 yavapai county map

Lastly, if you already know your home address and zip code, you can visit this website – where you can type in your mailing zip code and it will show you which county you live in. Knowing which county you reside in will be critical for voting and for tax purposes along with a whole other host of topics that will come up for you now and in the future.

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