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Spring in Sedona, Arizona

Posted By: BonnieSedan PamRavenwood In: Sedona Arizona
Date: Fri, Apr 13th 2018 3:16 pm

One of the best seasons to visit Sedona is Spring. The kids are on Spring Break, you are looking for a family outing, and why not Sedona?

spring in sedona arizona

A Spring visit to Sedona can have a lot of different looks. Here are some ideas of what you can do if you visit Sedona in the springtime:

1. Enjoy a family vacation that includes a visit to the Grand Canyon, then Sedona. Who doesn’t want to see the Grand Canyon, right? However, a visit to the Grand Canyon is only something you do for an hour or two unless you plan to hike down into the Grand Canyon itself. To fill the rest of your vacation, you can drive down into Sedona, as it sits between the Grand Canyon and Phoenix. Sedona is filled with beautiful red rocks, hiking trails, canyons, and swimming holes. As residents of Sedona, we can tell you there is never a lack of places to explore with the National Forest surrounding this small town. Short walks, hikes or full day hikes to hidden places will take you somewhere new and amazing almost every day. If you aren’t into hiking you can rent an off-road vehicle or pay for a jeep tour.

2. Nature lovers enjoy Spring in Sedona as all the wildflowers are out. The trees begin to leaf out and the weather is perfect during this time of year. If you love birding, it is a great time to go explore nature. If you just want to enjoy the moderate weather, Spring in Sedona isn’t too hot and almost never too cold.

3. Golfing in Sedona during spring is ideal. The grass is green, the weather is perfect and the red rocks surrounding the golf courses make it an amazing time to enjoy the greens. Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek have a total of four golf courses. Which will you begin with?

4. Motorcycling during Spring is fantastic in Sedona, AZ. If you don’t own a motorcycle that you can transport to Sedona, you can rent one! Biking through Sedona, up to Jerome, Arizona and over Mingus Mountain to Prescott – or - up to Payson through the wooded pine trees, is a favorite among bikers. The roads are clear and the weather is perfect for a motorcycle ride during Spring.

5. Bicycling is also a favorite past time in Sedona. Both road bikes and mountain bikes are enjoyed. There are a large number of mountain bike trails and bike rental locations in Sedona. Sedona may have the most diverse and interesting mountain biking trail systems in the United States, and people from around the world come to Sedona just to mountain bike.

If you live in Sedona in the Spring you also know it’s a beautiful time to: be outside, plant your gardens, spruce up your home and enjoy the most perfect weather in the world.

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