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Sedona’s Top Five Hikes

Posted By: BonnieSedan PamRavenwood In: Sedona Hikes
Date: Wed, Dec 27th 2017 4:46 pm

If you have been to Sedona, you realize there quite a number of hikes, trails and places to see and visit. Each trail in Sedona is a little different than the other, and each hike is unique just the same. Hikes have difficulty levels to consider, and trails will each have: unique views, unique mountains, and canyons - each worth seeing.

So what are the top five hikes in Sedona visitors and locals are most interested in?

1.    West Fork Trail – This trail starts in Oak Creek Canyon. Finding parking is possibly the most challenging part of this hike, as there is limited paid parking and everyone else must wait in line. Going to this trailhead during the week or early in the morning is best. This trail is surrounded by towering cliffs and allows you to cross small creeks over a dozen times. At the beginning of the trail you will see ruins of the old Mayhew Cabin and remnants of their ale orchard. A small lodge sat in the clearing marking the beginning of the trail and once was called the Mayhew Lodge. Here, writer Zane Grey stayed and wrote “Call of the Canyon.” Other famous lodgers were James Stewart, Clark Gable and Walt Disney. The lodge burned in 1976 and now one walks through the ruins before they enter into the side canyon for a hike.

West fork sedona hike

2.    Cathedral Rock Trail – This trail is one mile round-trip, and is rather steep climbing up and out. The views at the top aren’t to be missed. Dogs are allowed on this trail, and one can see many while hiking. Some of the trail is a little difficult to pick out as one has to climb faces of sandstone to reach the top. When you feel as if it would be impossible to climb any more, it is just about the time a five year old comes running past you and skitters up the trail with a dog. Parking is also limited at this trailhead and it’s best to arrive at a time or season that is less popular.

3.    Devil’s Bridge – The hike to Devil’s Bridge can be accessed from a couple of different trailhead points. If you are less inclined to hiking the 4.4 miles in and back, you could catch a ride to the trailhead via Jeep or off-road vehicle. The road to the old Devil’s Bridge parking is now so riddled with boulders that a new parking lot was built off of Dry Creek Road. This is a paved parking lot and is very clearly marked.

Devils Bridge Sedona hike

4.    Soldiers Pass Trail – Soldiers Pass Trail is enjoyable, but again, there is limited parking. The trail will take you past the Devil’s Kitchen (a super large sinkhole on most jeep tours) and also past the 7 Sacred Pools. The trail follows an old arroyo and butts up against Brins Ridge. The trail should be viewed on a map to determine how far you want to hike it and in which direction. Many of Sedona’s trails are interconnected and don’t simply stop. Understanding how far you want to hike for the day and how to get back to your car is important.

5.    Boynton Canyon Trail – This trail can be found off of Dry Creek Road, just before entering Enchantment Resort. The first portion of the trail is a means of getting up and around Enchantment Resort without crossing their property. Once you have passed the resort, you begin to climb up into the mountainside and canyons where there are tall trees and amazing views. This trail is about 6.1 miles up and back and can be quite warm in the lower regions of the trail where there isn’t as much shade.

As with all hiking in Sedona, be sure to carry a map, take a lot of water and try not to hike during the hottest parts of the day. Take your walk slowly and carefully, prepare for parking fees or lack of parking. Also be prepared to bump into a lot of other walkers – and know that they don’t all want to hear your hiking conversation. Respect the peacefulness that surrounds you and be aware of those other visitors who are also trying to capture an amazing experience.

Visiting Sedona’s Top Five Trails will ensure that you have seen some of the best of Sedona while you are visiting. After all – hiking is one of the reasons you are visiting Sedona, right?

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