Retiring in Sedona, Arizona

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Most people who live in Sedona, when asked how they found the place, typically answer that they originally visited on vacation. With Sedona, either you just enjoy it, or you fall in love with it and need to move here.

For those who have decided to leave their formal homes behind for the beauty and warmth of Sedona, Arizona – you aren’t alone. A number of people retire in Sedona. This isn’t to say, Sedona is a retirement village. People are retiring at younger and younger ages, and many are opting to work from home and leave their salaried jobs just to live in Sedona. Others retire early, move to Sedona and enjoy volunteering or hanging out with people who also have moved to the area from all over the United States.

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There a number of reasons one would want to ‘retire’ to Sedona. Beyond the gorgeous views, beautiful climate and proximity to other beautiful and unique places within a day’s drive, there are a number of things to do in Sedona. Sedona is a cultured community with residents from all over the world - and from diverse backgrounds. With such diversity comes great art programs, an annual film festival, amazing music and a large number of volunteer organizations you can join. If you are an athlete, there is the Sedona Marathon, Sedona Mountain Biking, and just great hiking.

Volunteer programs in Sedona include: Humane Society of Sedona, The Sedona Community Center, The Yavapai Food Council, Sedona Literacy Center, Sedona Community Food Bank, The Sedona Women, Keep Sedona Beautiful, Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab, Sedona Arts Center, Sedona Historical Society, Sedona Recycles, Sedona Chamber Music Society, Friends of the Forest, Sedona Creative Life Center, Sedona Public Library, and so many more. See this link for all non-profits.

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If you enjoy nature, there are a great number of trails in Sedona to walk or hike. It is almost impossible to hike every trail as the trail system is so large in the city and around the outskirts of the city limits. There are also trails in Oak Creek Canyon, Flagstaff and of course the mother of all trails, the Grand Canyon.

In regards to healthcare, Sedona has a hospital, an Urgent Care Center, one of the most notable Cancer Centers and a number of great doctors.

And last, there is great golf. In the Village of Oak Creek, there are three golf courses to enjoy at your leisure, as well as golfing groups.

Retiring in Sedona isn’t simply settling, it is opening new doors and experiencing a bigger life. Just ask anyone who has tried it already.

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