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Buying Property in Sedona

Wed, Jun 6th 2018 1:55 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Buying Property In Sedona

Buying land in Sedona can be an amazing investment. Whether your intention is to retire to Sedona or to resell the land later, it is most likely that your investment will offer you a nice return. Either way, having property in Sedona is a great feeling. The community is wonderful and the surroundings are always going to be beautiful with its picturesque red rocks.

retiring in sedona

Understanding what parts of Sedona to buy in and whether to buy outside of the Sedona city limits, does require the knowledge of an experienced agent who has lived and worked in the area for a number of years. Debb Carl and Airen Sapp have lived in Sedona for over 20 years and have watched trends change. Understanding which a...

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Building a New Home? Why You Need Your Own Real Estate Agent

Mon, May 28th 2018 3:57 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona New Construction

When you're house hunting, the allure of new construction is undeniable. You get to be the first to live in the pristine home and know everything about its beginnings. The new home will be spotless and full of brand-new appliances. Building a new home or buying a new construction takes the worry out of immediate improvements for years to come.

new home construction sedona

If you are interested in buying a new home or construction, the builder's agent will be ready to help you with the process. But remember: You need your own real estate agent from the get-go. Even if a project appears to be simple with a builder’s on-site agent, you're going to want someone representing your side of the deal.

What is a builder's ...

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Sedona Condos For Sale

Thu, May 24th 2018 3:16 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Condos For Sale

If you are looking for a nice place to live in Sedona, but without all the hassle of property ownership, then Sedona’s luxurious condo real estate environment may be just for you.

Condos in Sedona come and go pretty quickly. To stay on top of the latest Condos for Sale in Sedona use DEBnAIR’s Real Estate Filter or visit this Sedona Condo link.

On the market as of May 21, 2018, there are only 12 condos. Half are located in West Sedona and about the other half are in Big Park, which is in the Village of Oak Creek area.

West Sedona Condos

Park Place – In beautiful Park Place you will find executive penthouse units that sit among the red rocks of Sedona. Park Place incorporates an Italian...

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Sedona Land For Sale 2018

Fri, Apr 27th 2018 2:31 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Land For Sale

Land is in limited supply, and when it goes up for sale, you can be sure it is a hot commodity. This holds especially true in Sedona, Arizona, which is surrounded by land owned by the National Forest Service or State.

Land for sale in Sedona ranges from residential to commercial, small lots to large acreages. In Sedona, the most affordable land for sale are parcels on 25 Juniper. Both lots, each 0.16 acres and located in the Village of Oak Creek are up for $33,000 each. MLS#504917 and MLS#512425 are the corresponding listings.

A nice lot on 145 Juniper, which is also 0.16 acres in the Village of Oak Creek represents one of the few mobile home lots left. The lot looks over a dry wash wit...

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Retiring in Sedona, Arizona

Thu, Apr 19th 2018 4:25 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

Most people who live in Sedona, when asked how they found the place, typically answer that they originally visited on vacation. With Sedona, either you just enjoy it, or you fall in love with it and need to move here.

For those who have decided to leave their formal homes behind for the beauty and warmth of Sedona, Arizona – you aren’t alone. A number of people retire in Sedona. This isn’t to say, Sedona is a retirement village. People are retiring at younger and younger ages, and many are opting to work from home and leave their salaried jobs just to live in Sedona. Others retire early, move to Sedona and enjoy volunteering or hanging out with people who also have moved to the area from...

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Spring in Sedona, Arizona

Fri, Apr 13th 2018 3:16 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

One of the best seasons to visit Sedona is Spring. The kids are on Spring Break, you are looking for a family outing, and why not Sedona?

spring in sedona arizona

A Spring visit to Sedona can have a lot of different looks. Here are some ideas of what you can do if you visit Sedona in the springtime:

1. Enjoy a family vacation that includes a visit to the Grand Canyon, then Sedona. Who doesn’t want to see the Grand Canyon, right? However, a visit to the Grand Canyon is only something you do for an hour or two unless you plan to hike down into the Grand Canyon itself. To fill the rest of your vacation, you can drive down into Sedona, as it sits between the Grand Canyon and Phoenix. Sedona is filled with beautif...

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Best Spas in Sedona Arizona

Fri, Mar 30th 2018 1:21 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

Spas in SedonaSpending time in Sedona can include hiking, exploring and mostly enjoying a relaxing spa day. There are a number of massage therapists in Sedona, healers, and tours as well - but there only a handful of full-on spas. We have built a list of spas in Sedona that we have discovered and wished to share with our readers:

Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa

This spa, which is next to the Sedona Rouge Hotel, includes massage, body treatments, facials, ayurvedic services, intuitive discoveries and esthetic services. For a full list of spa services, you can view the PDF menu the spa has created. The spa is located right off of Main Street in West Sedona.


NAMTI Day Spa offers services that inc...

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Gardening in Sedona

Thu, Mar 22nd 2018 3:25 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

As early spring and better weather fill the air, many Sedona locals are ready to start working on their yards and gardens.

Gardening in Sedona is a little different than gardening in moister climates; and with the extreme temperature changes in the desert, some extra care is required. There are a number of garden clubs one can join to get the details of how to garden best in Sedona or even how to best landscape any yard.

Gardening in Sedona

According to the, planting in Sedona can start as early as March 7 with crops like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. If possible, start seedlings indoors around February 8 and then transplant by March 29. The same applies to spinach and lettuce.

Earlier ...

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Oak Creek Country Club – Living On A Golf Course

Wed, Mar 14th 2018 1:30 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood 65 Verde Valley School Road

One of the most beautiful golf courses in Arizona is located in Sedona at the Oak Creek Country Club. If you love golf or have always dreamed of living on or near a golf course, Oak Creek Country Club should be on your list.

Oak Creek Country Club is an 18-hole course designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Jr. It has five sets of tees ranging from 4,419 to 6,824 yards. The Oak Creek golf course was also ranked 1st in Arizona Golf Rankings, 2016.

Homes on and around this golf course range in size and price. The average price range is between $400,000 and $500,000, but of course, there are exceptions.

For example, this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is priced at $610,000, and sits with rear of...

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Sedona’s Annual Film Festival 2018

Mon, Mar 5th 2018 12:23 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

The annual Sedona Film Festival is February 24 - March 8, 2018. The town is buzzing as people from all over the world come together to enjoy some of the finest films.

Studies have shown that communities that host film festivals have noticed a contribution to that communities creative economy and large audiences

Sedona Film Festival 2018

At the Sedona Film Festival, you not only experience everything from features to shorts, documentaries to animation and foreign films to student films, but you will be treated to a cinephile’s dream – NINE DAYS and more than 160 films! Additionally, there are a number of programs and workshops.

Focusing on arts and culture in the city of Sedona is critical to the city’s missio...

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Re-Max Sedona Real Estate News

Wed, Feb 28th 2018 10:49 am by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona AZ Real Estate For Sale

Some beautiful and magnificent properties are going up for sale in Sedona. As of today, February 21 we had eight new listings that went up and that we are featuring at Re-Max.

Are you looking for land in Sedona? Within Seven Canyons there is 1.89 acres of residential property for sale. This gorgeous gated community in West Sedona has a golf course and is surrounded by views that are hard to beat. This property, MLS#515530 is worth taking a look at.

Seven Canyon Lots Sedona Arizona

If you are more in the market for a gorgeous home, this 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,331 square foot home in West Sedona off of Mule Deer Drive, just became available. This house is selling for $635,500 and can be found at MLS# 515529.

Something m...

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Zillow Sedona Arizona - Using Zillow to Find Real Estate

Thu, Feb 22nd 2018 12:56 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona AZ Real Estate For Sale

Sedona Arizona Real Estate Trulia

When looking for real estate for sale in Sedona, Arizona, you may use the software Zillow. If so, you will see Debb Carl and Airen Sapp of DEBnAIR Real Estate as agents.

When using Zillow, you can directly search by category, depending on what you are searching for. For example, here are some primary breakouts for Zillow Sedona Arizona:

  • Single-Family Homes for Sale In Sedona
  • Newest Sedona Real Estate
  • For Sale By Owner
  • Oak Creek
  • Village of Oak Creek - Sedona
  • Mountain Views – Sedona

Once you click into Zillow, you will see a map on the left of the Sedona, Arizona and surrounding regions. Within that map will be small red dots that, if you hover your mouse over them, you will s...

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How to Drive In A Roundabout

Tue, Jan 23rd 2018 4:55 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

Roundabouts are becoming more and more popular as road improvements are made, due to the fact they are safer than stoplights. Drivers run stoplights while they must slow down in roundabouts.

 Sedona round-abouts

The problem with roundabouts is that many people have never used them and aren’t exactly sure how they work. The idea of merging into traffic, picking a lane and exiting becomes intimidating. When drivers are intimidated they often panic and move in the wrong direction or make bad decisions.

In Sedona, we have a number of roundabouts, especially if you enter town from I-17 from Hwy 269. The primary roundabout is at what the locals call the ‘Y’, whereupon you can go right and enter into uptown...

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Airports Near Sedona

Wed, Jan 17th 2018 2:30 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

Looking to travel to Sedona? There are a number of ways to get in and out of Sedona that do not always require driving your own vehicle or renting a vehicle. Sedona actually has its own airport (think helicopter tours, small planes, and small jets). With this convenience, you can travel in style to Sedona or use airports that surround the area.

sedona airport from sky

1.    There is a small airport in Sedona. If you have been in Sedona you probably have seen it, as it sits on one of the highest points in town and has the best views. Airport road is loaded with tourists taking photos of the sun setting. The Sedona airport can accommodate small planes and small turbojets as well. You can find out more about the...

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Oak Creek Canyon Arizona Real Estate

Fri, Jan 5th 2018 1:31 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

Oak Creek Canyon is possibly one of the most beautiful canyons in all of the United States. Not to brag, but if you have done a lot of traveling in the US and have taken Hwy 89 A from Sedona up to Flagstaff, the road winding inside a canyon alongside the beautiful waters and tree linked red rocks up into conifer forests - you know.

Many people who travel through Oak Creek Canyon have most likely noticed there are a handful of properties in the beautiful landscape. Oh to live in such paradise, right? Well, you can. There are a handful of homes and land for sale right now in Oak Creek Canyon. Here are a few listings, but to see our fully updated list, visit our website and see Oak Creek Ca...

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Sedona Luxury Homes

Tue, Jan 2nd 2018 12:32 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Luxury Homes

If you are seeking a luxury home in a luxurious location, look no further than Northern Arizona’s own Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona, a small city, is located between the metropolis of Phoenix and the snowy highlands of Flagstaff. Uniquely, Sedona is a town surrounded by red rocks, bluffs made of red stone with a beautiful winding creek that splits the town down the center.

Choosing your luxury home is a matter of choosing your view. There are many luxury homes in Sedona that are available for sale at any given point. As of this writing, December 28, 2017, there are 67 homes or properties for sale over the price of one million dollars. If you use our Sedona Luxury Homes search filter, this inv...

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Sedona’s Top Five Hikes

Wed, Dec 27th 2017 4:46 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Hikes

If you have been to Sedona, you realize there quite a number of hikes, trails and places to see and visit. Each trail in Sedona is a little different than the other, and each hike is unique just the same. Hikes have difficulty levels to consider, and trails will each have: unique views, unique mountains, and canyons - each worth seeing.

So what are the top five hikes in Sedona visitors and locals are most interested in?

1.    West Fork Trail – This trail starts in Oak Creek Canyon. Finding parking is possibly the most challenging part of this hike, as there is limited paid parking and everyone else must wait in line. Going to this trailhead during the week or early in the morning is bes...

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What Sedona, Arizona Is Like?

Mon, Dec 4th 2017 12:54 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

Many people ask this question (What Sedona, Arizona is like), whether to a friend, relative, a Sedona resident or even as a Google search. People want to obtain an idea of Sedona when making travel decisions. They often ask, should I visit Sedona or Santa Fe? Should I visit Sedona or Scottsdale? Should I buy a home in Sedona, Scottdale or Santa Fe? Or even, how far is it from Las Vegas to Sedona – probably trying to fit in a vacation to the Grand Canyon with a little side trip to Sedona.

We will try and answer all of said questions…

What Sedona, Arizona is Like?

This is a subjective question dependent on: visitors, the season, and the experience. Sedona is a small town that isn’t quick...

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Why Is Sedona Considered Spiritual?

Mon, Nov 27th 2017 12:28 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

Sedona is a holistic health mecca, sometimes referred to as a New Age capital. Sedona is a place for rejuvenation, amazing trails, and its beauty just speaks spiritual in all languages. This might be why it is referred to as simply… “spiritual.”

As the author who wrote about Sedona for the Guardian Magazine stated, “Locals call Sedona, Arizona a cathedral without walls.”

Historic churches, holy sites, ancient pilgrimages won’t be found in Sedona. For this reason, the mystery of it being ‘spiritual’ location escapes many. When you arrive in Sedona, after at least an hour’s drive (more like 2) from the airport in Phoenix, you might think you’ve been delivered to the land of large red ro...

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Enjoying Christmas in Sedona in 2017

Fri, Nov 10th 2017 2:56 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood What is happening in Sedona

Winter is coming upon us and while this means that many people in other states are dreading winter and hunkering down to stay out of the cold, everything comes to life when it becomes winter in Arizona.

Winter in Arizona means the weather is nearly perfect, depending on what part of Arizona you want to hang out in, and that the snakes are hibernating so it’s perfect for outdoor activities. Winter in Sedona could mean an occasional snow fall, which we all celebrate for the small amount of time the snow actually sticks. It also means wonderful festivities in Tlaquepaque like visiting Santa and the tree lighting. When the bell tower chimes at 5 p.m., more than 6,000 luminarias will be lit a...

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