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Zillow Sedona Arizona - Using Zillow to Find Real Estate

Thu, Feb 22nd 2018 12:56 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona AZ Real Estate For Sale

Sedona Arizona Real Estate Trulia

When looking for real estate for sale in Sedona, Arizona, you may use the software Zillow. If so, you will see Debb Carl and Airen Sapp of DEBnAIR Real Estate as agents.

When using Zillow, you can directly search by category, depending on what you are searching for. For example, here are some primary breakouts for Zillow Sedona Arizona:

  • Single-Family Homes for Sale In Sedona
  • Newest Sedona Real Estate
  • For Sale By Owner
  • Oak Creek
  • Village of Oak Creek - Sedona
  • Mountain Views – Sedona

Once you click into Zillow, you will see a map on the left of the Sedona, Arizona and surrounding regions. Within that map will be small red dots that, if you hover your mouse over them, you will s...

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How to Drive In A Roundabout

Tue, Jan 23rd 2018 4:55 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

Roundabouts are becoming more and more popular as road improvements are made, due to the fact they are safer than stoplights. Drivers run stoplights while they must slow down in roundabouts.

 Sedona round-abouts

The problem with roundabouts is that many people have never used them and aren’t exactly sure how they work. The idea of merging into traffic, picking a lane and exiting becomes intimidating. When drivers are intimidated they often panic and move in the wrong direction or make bad decisions.

In Sedona, we have a number of roundabouts, especially if you enter town from I-17 from Hwy 269. The primary roundabout is at what the locals call the ‘Y’, whereupon you can go right and enter into uptown...

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Airports Near Sedona

Wed, Jan 17th 2018 2:30 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

Looking to travel to Sedona? There are a number of ways to get in and out of Sedona that do not always require driving your own vehicle or renting a vehicle. Sedona actually has its own airport (think helicopter tours, small planes, and small jets). With this convenience, you can travel in style to Sedona or use airports that surround the area.

sedona airport from sky

1.    There is a small airport in Sedona. If you have been in Sedona you probably have seen it, as it sits on one of the highest points in town and has the best views. Airport road is loaded with tourists taking photos of the sun setting. The Sedona airport can accommodate small planes and small turbojets as well. You can find out more about the...

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Oak Creek Canyon Arizona Real Estate

Fri, Jan 5th 2018 1:31 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

Oak Creek Canyon is possibly one of the most beautiful canyons in all of the United States. Not to brag, but if you have done a lot of traveling in the US and have taken Hwy 89 A from Sedona up to Flagstaff, the road winding inside a canyon alongside the beautiful waters and tree linked red rocks up into conifer forests - you know.

Many people who travel through Oak Creek Canyon have most likely noticed there are a handful of properties in the beautiful landscape. Oh to live in such paradise, right? Well, you can. There are a handful of homes and land for sale right now in Oak Creek Canyon. Here are a few listings, but to see our fully updated list, visit our website and see Oak Creek Ca...

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Sedona Luxury Homes

Tue, Jan 2nd 2018 12:32 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Luxury Homes

If you are seeking a luxury home in a luxurious location, look no further than Northern Arizona’s own Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona, a small city, is located between the metropolis of Phoenix and the snowy highlands of Flagstaff. Uniquely, Sedona is a town surrounded by red rocks, bluffs made of red stone with a beautiful winding creek that splits the town down the center.

Choosing your luxury home is a matter of choosing your view. There are many luxury homes in Sedona that are available for sale at any given point. As of this writing, December 28, 2017, there are 67 homes or properties for sale over the price of one million dollars. If you use our Sedona Luxury Homes search filter, this inv...

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Sedona’s Top Five Hikes

Wed, Dec 27th 2017 4:46 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Hikes

If you have been to Sedona, you realize there quite a number of hikes, trails and places to see and visit. Each trail in Sedona is a little different than the other, and each hike is unique just the same. Hikes have difficulty levels to consider, and trails will each have: unique views, unique mountains, and canyons - each worth seeing.

So what are the top five hikes in Sedona visitors and locals are most interested in?

1.    West Fork Trail – This trail starts in Oak Creek Canyon. Finding parking is possibly the most challenging part of this hike, as there is limited paid parking and everyone else must wait in line. Going to this trailhead during the week or early in the morning is bes...

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What Sedona, Arizona Is Like?

Mon, Dec 4th 2017 12:54 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

Many people ask this question (What Sedona, Arizona is like), whether to a friend, relative, a Sedona resident or even as a Google search. People want to obtain an idea of Sedona when making travel decisions. They often ask, should I visit Sedona or Santa Fe? Should I visit Sedona or Scottsdale? Should I buy a home in Sedona, Scottdale or Santa Fe? Or even, how far is it from Las Vegas to Sedona – probably trying to fit in a vacation to the Grand Canyon with a little side trip to Sedona.

We will try and answer all of said questions…

What Sedona, Arizona is Like?

This is a subjective question dependent on: visitors, the season, and the experience. Sedona is a small town that isn’t quick...

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Why Is Sedona Considered Spiritual?

Mon, Nov 27th 2017 12:28 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

Sedona is a holistic health mecca, sometimes referred to as a New Age capital. Sedona is a place for rejuvenation, amazing trails, and its beauty just speaks spiritual in all languages. This might be why it is referred to as simply… “spiritual.”

As the author who wrote about Sedona for the Guardian Magazine stated, “Locals call Sedona, Arizona a cathedral without walls.”

Historic churches, holy sites, ancient pilgrimages won’t be found in Sedona. For this reason, the mystery of it being ‘spiritual’ location escapes many. When you arrive in Sedona, after at least an hour’s drive (more like 2) from the airport in Phoenix, you might think you’ve been delivered to the land of large red ro...

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Enjoying Christmas in Sedona in 2017

Fri, Nov 10th 2017 2:56 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood What is happening in Sedona

Winter is coming upon us and while this means that many people in other states are dreading winter and hunkering down to stay out of the cold, everything comes to life when it becomes winter in Arizona.

Winter in Arizona means the weather is nearly perfect, depending on what part of Arizona you want to hang out in, and that the snakes are hibernating so it’s perfect for outdoor activities. Winter in Sedona could mean an occasional snow fall, which we all celebrate for the small amount of time the snow actually sticks. It also means wonderful festivities in Tlaquepaque like visiting Santa and the tree lighting. When the bell tower chimes at 5 p.m., more than 6,000 luminarias will be lit a...

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What County is Sedona In?

Wed, Nov 1st 2017 3:25 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Land For Sale

Should you live in Sedona or be moving to Sedona, you might, at some point notice that Sedona sits in two counties – Yavapai and Coconino. Yes, it’s odd and depending on your address, you fall in either one or the other.

sedona county

According to Wikipedia, At the 2000 census there were 7,229 people living in the Yavapai County (western) portion of the city (70.9% of its population) and 2,963 living in the Coconino County (eastern) portion (29.1%). By land area Yavapai had 66.2% of its area, versus 33.8% for Coconino.

You can examine the map and zoom in on it to determine which county your property rest within, but overall - uptown Sedona and the Chapel Area are all in Coconino County while West S...

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Which Part of Sedona to Live In?

Tue, Oct 17th 2017 4:56 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona AZ Real Estate For Sale

Which part of Sedona to live in, is a common question people ask as they begin their research on moving to Sedona. Those looking to buy a home find out very quickly that the town is divided by Oak Creek and red rocks, taking a T-shape. We can see from Sedona Trolley’s map that the black line indicates the main throughways through Sedona, while the blue line is beautiful Oak Creek.

Map of Sedona Arizona

West Sedona

This part of Sedona is located along 89A and one can enter town from Cottonwood. West Sedona is where the major grocery stores are located, the high school, and a majority of Sedona’s amenities such as: the City Government buildings, library, police department, and a great number of shops.


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What is the Meaning of the Name Sedona

Thu, Sep 28th 2017 1:48 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Arizona

The name ‘Sedona’, comes from an early pioneer resident whose name was Sedona Schnebly. Sedona is not a word from another country or language, but simply a name.

Sedona Schebly Sedona's namesake

The town of Sedona, Arizona was named in 1902. Phillip and Amanda Miller named their daughter Sedona. Sedona married T. Carl Schnebly when she was 20. The couple had six children. In 1901 the Schnebly family moved to Upper Oak Creek and opened their first store and hotel. Sedona ran and operated the businesses along with a truck farm and post office.

Back in the day, when you operated a post office, you could give that post office a name. The Schnebly family offered up a handful of names for their post office, all of which we...

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Sedona Things To Do 2017-2018

Wed, Sep 13th 2017 5:02 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood What is happening in Sedona

If you are thinking of traveling to Sedona or even moving to the area, you should know that the area isn’t only beautiful year round - but there are plenty of things to do, if you choose. Sedona, Arizona is located in the northern portion of Arizona. Due to its location, it is conveniently located near many high profile locations, not to mention some amazing secret places.


High Profile Arizona Locations

Grand Canyon National Park is on the top of the list when it comes to things to see when in Sedona. Visiting the Grand Canyon is a fast and gorgeous two hour drive. You will take 89A up through Oak Creek Canyon, top off in the mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona and then continue on t...

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150 Courthouse Butte Road Sedona Arizona - Zen House

Tue, Sep 15th 2015 1:01 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona AZ Real Estate For Sale

This house just went on the market a day ago and is nestled among the red rocks. If you google the address of this house and use your satellite settings, you will see this house is literally a stones throw from the towering red rocks near Bell Rock.

If you are looking for a quiet home in Sedona near nature, this house might be for you. It is in the Village of Oak Creek off of Bell Rock Blvd.


The backyard is surrounded by photinias and is meant to provide the house with a Zen feel. Photinias are a beautiful small red and green leafed tree. The yard is landscaped. The patio is screened in so that you can sit outside morning or night without worry of bugs and enjoy your Sedo...

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90 Alta Vista Sedona Arizona DEBnAIR Real Estate

Thu, Sep 10th 2015 5:25 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona AZ Real Estate For Sale

90 Alta Vista, Sedona Arizona

This house just went on the market and is a must see. There is plenty of space in this Sedona Luxury Home with 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. The house is 4,603 feet, giving one ample space.

Love to entertain? This Tuscan Style home was built with a roof top deck and view of Bell Rock. All your guests will love sitting outdoors with you stargazing or just enjoying the views.

Details? Yes, there are plenty of upscale details in this home. Brick paved patios, an outdoor gas fireplace, an outdoor shower which can be accessed from the kitchen, large dining and living areas, custom wrought iron doors, travertine floors, granite counter tops, ceilings with copp...

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Sedona Real Estate 177 Starlite Drive Sedona Arizona

Wed, Sep 9th 2015 6:43 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona AZ Real Estate For Sale

This listing is brand new and is located in the beautiful Chapel Hill Neighborhood. The home is in like new condition with amazing views and is priced right at $379,900.

2 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

1,531 Square Feet

0.23 Acres

2 Car Garage

Natural Gas


Appliances Included

MLS# 508081

Read More about this Sedona Real Estate Listing on our website.

This house has been remodeled with a new kitchen that includes granite counter tops, new cabinets, appliances, updated bathrooms, flooring, paint and fixtures. The house is on one love with the two bedrooms and two bathrooms and an area for an office. Located in a quiet and attractive area of Chapel Hill, you will be sure to h...

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Life On A Sedona Golf Course

Tue, Sep 1st 2015 6:24 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Golf Course Homes

1230 Crown Ridge Road Sedona Arizona

Love golf? If you are someone who eats, sleeps and dreams of golf, having a home right on one of the most photographed courses in the Southwest, Sedona Golf Resort – could be a dream come true.

First about the house.

The house is located at 1230 Crown Ridge Road. This address places this house right on the 5th Fairway of the Sedona Golf Resort. The house is the perfect size with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and 2,375 square feet of space. So now that you know the basics, here are the details. The floorplan is open and when standing in the kitchen you can see the golf course. The Master Bedroom also faces the golf course for more beautiful views. The Master Bedroom has a walk-in closet...

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Affordable Sedona Land For Sale: Start Building Your Dreamhome Today

Mon, Aug 17th 2015 4:07 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona Land For Sale

Sedona Arizona has been named one of the most beautiful places to live and best small towns in so many publications and articles that it has become hard to keep track of them all. What is known is that Sedona is a beautiful landscape of large sandstone formations the almost glow orange and red with each sunrise and sunset. What is also known is that the City of Sedona is made up of only 19.2 square miles. While it is surrounded by 1.8 million acres of national forest land, owning a small piece of this beautiful pie is getting to be rarer each year.

So what Sedona land is for sale on the market right now? Here are a few pieces within the City of Sedona we think you might like.



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Sedona Townhomes and Condos For Sale

Fri, Aug 14th 2015 6:36 pm by BonnieSedan PamRavenwood Sedona AZ Real Estate For Sale

Tanager Lane Condo


62 Tanager Lane, Sedona AZ


 Highly desirable condo in the heart of West Sedona close to shopping, movies, restaurants, etc. MOVE IN READY end unit features fresh interior paint throughout, all new laminate flooring (no carpet), brand new window treatments, new refrigerator, garbage disposal and all new faucets. Light and bright with patio that backs to a wash for added privacy. Single car garage, double closets in master bedroom, gas fireplace in the living room, community pool & clubhouse in a well maintained association. Listing agent has been the property manager for years and we can furnish maintenance and repair records. Go take a look today, this...

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